Envirolyte O&G™

SAVE 20% Over Traditional Chemical Biocides: 

Envirolyte O&G™ is a non-toxic, bio-degradable and 100% effective alternative to traditional chemical biocides used by Oil & Gas drilling operations.

Bacteria contamination during hydraulic fracturing or squeeze treatments can cause costly problems for oil and gas producers-impeding production and slowing operations. Traditional disinfectant chemicals create detriment to the safety and health of employees along with hazardous transportation, storage and disposal risks.
Envirolyte O&G™ from Universal Bacteria Specialist, Inc. removes all risk with our revolutionary biocide that provides our clients with:

100% effective 1450 ppm available chlorine
Zero-Liability: Non-toxic for employees & the environment
Non–hazardous for transport & storage

Envirolyte O&G™ features:

An FAC range of 1250-1450 ppm and neutral/6.5 pH.

Treatment of contaminated frac water before reuse.

Treatment of contaminated frac water before reuse.

Removal of downhole micro-organisms from wells.

Protection for Oil & Gas production equipment.

Maximum Bacteria Kill

Elimination of microbial-induced corrosion.

Our Location

Universal Bacteria Specialist
4709 Hwy 36 South, Suite 10
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
Phone: (832) - 847 - 4481
Email: srw@universalbacteria.com

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